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Customer Management

Customer management is a customer relationship management, customer card upload, so that sales staff better and more accurate grasp of customer information, so that not only to meet the needs of different customers, but also to promote the profitability of enterprises.


1. Business Card Scanning
Do not have to repeatedly enter customer information, you can save a lot of time to improve the office efficiency.
2. Web Page View Information
In the page layout to view customer information, can effectively improve customer progress.
3. Link Personal Action
Have detailed customer name, department, work focus and time, can easily remind the customer at the appointed time.

Sales management

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales team with ECST ERP Sales Management. By helping your sales teams manage their opportunities and automating administrative tasks.


1. To Simplify The Document Process
Can quickly add and access quotes, contracts and purchase orders through ECST APP, the process is simple and easy.
2. Online Management
In the page layout can also effectively calculate the sales report and purchase statements, which is conducive to further analysis of data, play the greatest effect of data.

Product management

Product management can reflect the image of the product and the integration of high-end technology, so that products in the Invoicing management has become very flexible, and is conducive to Invoicing and capital flows throughout the tracking management, which is very important for Invoicing operations of.


1, Quickly Enter The Product Information
Use APP to shoot the product, you can directly enter the product details for future inquiries, simple and efficient.
2. Online Search Snline
In the page layout can also check the product price and inventory quantity, at any time to grasp the product information.
3. Two-dimensional Code Scanning
The system provides the location information by scanning the two-dimensional code to inquire the position information of the product, and can manage the product data more conveniently and efficiently.

Procurement management

Purchasing management is a relatively scientific management model for purchasing different modules, whether it is the purchase order or the settlement of the purchase bill, can help you easily manage the procurement information.


1. Management Of Procurement Information
Purchase number, product brand and amount, etc., can also be derived from the purchase of information has been added, and through the system "reminder" function to follow up the business.
2. Automatically Generate Purchase Invoices
The system will generate purchase invoices based on existing purchase orders, saving manpower to collect information and calculate the data steps, improve work efficiency.

Promotion management

Promotion is a very important means of marketing, ECST online ERP system can promote the product to the sales platform, quickly help enterprises to open the sales market, but also to view the product details to meet the needs of a variety of business organizations.


1, product promotion
The system can be the enterprise's products to the sales platform, in order to connect the business interaction between different enterprises.
2, recommended template
There are a variety of different templates for enterprises to choose, easy to establish the style of the enterprise.
3, record management
ECST system to browse the product management, user-friendly to quickly find the product.

Financial Management

Financial management module can help manage all aspects of financial operations, the production, procurement, sales, etc. have a certain degree of guidance, and financial information clear.


1, to simplify the financial process
Business people can apply for funds through the system or reimbursement of daily expenses, without the need for cumbersome written delivery.
2, intelligent accounting
Can create a purchase order, invoice management and budget management, online analysis of corporate financial flows, easy to grasp the financial situation of enterprises.

HR management

Personnel management is the personnel aspects of the coordination and command activities, staff attendance, payroll and even new staff entry, etc., in the personnel management module can easily do, the use of scientific management can play people and people, people and things And so on between the maximum utility.


1, human resources management
In the personnel management, can be directly into the employment of new employees of the entry form, to avoid the cumbersome manual input, but also conducive to the future management of personnel.
2, attendance management
Company employees leave, punch the situation, can be directly in the personnel management to view, and staff attendance management for the settlement of wages to provide a reference.
3, salary accounting
Accounting staff salary process is more complex, the need to first report by the department accounting information, that is, the staff of the attendance table, but also through the approval process, and ECST personnel management has been imported staff attendance information, can help automatically generate salary data .

Inventory management

To ensure that the production and business needs under the premise of the product can grasp the inventory dynamics, to avoid over-storage or out of stock and inventory space occupied. Scientific inventory management, not only clearly and clearly view the number of stocks to facilitate the coordination of multiple stores, but also to make the business more convenient to deal with.


1, out of storage management
Storage, the library, the number of products must be clear, the warehouse has no goods, the value of how much can not be on time and so on, which can be obtained in the system query.
2, detailed data analysis
Inventory management is mainly to help solve the inventory warehouse data problems, the management module can generate a variety of reports, such as inventory status, inventory quantity, etc., more detailed data analysis makes clear the inventory.

Accounting management

Accounting management is an intelligent accounting platform, through the pre-set business books, financial staff can generate a number of statements, which greatly enhance the efficiency of financial staff.


1, optimize the entry process
Traditional accounting will have a cumbersome entry process, and the accounting management of this product will optimize the accounting system and the cashier file connection process, can improve the efficiency of the work.
2, asset management
The system provides "reservation and use" of assets, "cost analysis" function, to facilitate the effective management of assets.


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